Discrete Process Simulation








It is quite simple to extend a scheduling mechanism with basic needs for a professional simulation package, such as queues, statistical distributions,animation etc. By doing so, a general simulation tool would result with fixed facilities, but also – and this is more important- with a number of restrictions, which can only be solved with great difficulty and against high costs.

The starting point for TOMASWEB is to be useful in solving complex control problems. Every problem in this area is (at least partly) unique. Research and education is therefore better served by offering these facilities as well-documented source code, free to use, but also ready to extend. In this environment TOMASWEB provides a common and free library of source code for general simulation use. Elements in this libray will be for example queueing, statistical and animation classes.

Feel free to explore, use and extend each of the tools below.

TOMAS: the kernel of this simulation environment

The next tools are extensions to TOMAS.

RESOURCES: working with limited capacities

GRAPHICS: representation of statistical data during a simulation run

ANIMATION: an extension to TOMAS to support 3d animation

DISTRIBUTION: distributed simulation using the internet

INPUT: reading input from formatted texts


Users of these simulation tools are considered as participants, not as clients. Participation consists of using, distributing, exchanging and supplying source code. The major rule for participation in this environment requires all software to be Open Source software. Everyone can use or modify the software on one’s own discretion. Distribution of the software is also allowed and it is even allowed to charge for this distribution. However always under the condition, that every redistributor passes on the same level of freedom as provided in the software on these pages and refers to TOMASWEB as the original source!