Discrete Process Simulation







TOMASWEB has been developed primarily for education and research. Therefor this website contains a number of simple examples, to show all the possibilities of the available software.
Besides that, TOMAS is being used for business applications and from that point of view experiences and results will be added. More information about projects where TOMAS is currently being used can be found in the links section.

Sources of the examples are packed in ZIP-files. An executable of each example can be started directly or downloaded.

Simulation of Single Lock System.
Ships arrive from left and right and must be locked.
Same simulation as above.
Graphics have been added to show the leadtime and waiting time of ships.
Simulation of a single machine system.
Same simulation as above, but now the machine is modeled as a resource. Resource.exe
Simulation of a job shop.
The example as described on the "Processes page".
Distributed simulation of two locks.
Ships now have to pass two locks. Each lock is a separate model, generating ships for the other lock.
Simulation with animation.
The source of the animation example as shown on the "Animation page".